Sixthcore (SCE ) is a future facing online marketing and solutions firm. As a focal point we look to put your company on the map and build a platform for long term online growth both in terms of pure exposure and additionally by generating measurable return on your investment. As I am sure you are aware there are new "website" or "SEO marketing" firms popping up in almost every area all the time. Why is this, you may ask. Most of these companies are offering a quick fix with very little long term strategy. What makes us different? We know the true power of the internet is it's strength in numbers, larger than TV, larger than print and email marketing platforms, the net is your access to billions of users instantly in realtime! We understand that to stay in the focal point of online users we need to constantly be updating, designing and developing unique sites and tools to keep up with the global expectations of net viewers. We are not here for a quick boost we are here to partner with our clients to give them a long term solution and a long term accountable relationship they can rely on. The number of times i have heard the same story from prospective clients with regard to how the company built there site or implemented a system and has left them high and dry. Please give our testimonials a bit of a read for what our clients have to say. SCE is not a fly by night " Website Company ", Our team have been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years. Tourism to e-commerce we have been involved in it at some point or another. SCE has a tag line that is as follows: We are not a website company, we are however a progressive online solution provider. We specialize in: * Online Marketing Strategy & Branding * Web / Marketing Platform Development * Social Integrated Platform Development * Online Trend & Competition Analysis * Web & Digital Design * Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) * Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) * Email Marketing * Viral & Targeted Marketing * Online Trend & Competition Analysis * Hosting Procurement & Management